• Julie Morrison’s Rezko Connection

    Arie Friedman’s opponent, Julie Morrison, is being supported by a Tony Rezko associate and tobacco lobbyist once referred to by federal prosecutors as “Individual Q”.  Learn more about Morrison’s disturbing relationship with Individual Q by clicking here

  • Kenilworth’s Williamson named RNC Committeeman

    Kenilworth resident and NTRO member Richard Williamson was named RNC Committeeman from Illinois at the Illinois Republican Convention in Tinley Park.

    Williamson was part of New Trier Township’s delegation led by Committeeman Bill Cadigan. At the convention, several of the featured speakers acknowledged the absence of Sen. Mark Kirk, a native of New Trier Township. Sen. Kirk is recovering from a stroke at a family member’s home in Kenilworth.

    Cadigan met with several party leaders, including Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady, 10th Congressional District Committeeman Mark Shaw, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak and Chicago Republican Chairman Adam Robinson.

    “It is clear that our organization is held in high regard by Republican elected officials and activists from around the state,” Cadigan said.

  • Dold Reacts to Jobs Report

    Rep. Robert Dold (R-10th) reacts to the latest jobs report and calls for the federal government to take on more pro-growth policies to help spark a stronger recovery.

    Video by Rep. Robert Dold’s office.

  • Wolfe’s Pizza Tour Hits Road

    Ninth District Congressional Candidate Tim Wolfe is conducting a pizza tour of his district in an effort to discuss the issues that matter most to his future constituents.
    You are invited to join him at any of these upcoming events:

    Tuesday, May 29 – Arlington Heights
    70 Vail Ave.

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    Tuesday, June 5 – Niles
    Pizza Hut
    6959 W. Dempster St.

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    Tuesday, June 12 – Rogers Park
    2727 W. Howard St.

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    The cost is $20 for adults and $10 for kids 10 and under, and includes pizza and soft drinks. Each stop on the tour will run from 6:30-8 p.m.

    For more information, contact the Wolfe campaign at 847-372-5363.

  • Volunteers Needed to Staff NTRO

    NTRO relies on its member-volunteers to staff the headquarters to receive visitors, answer phones, educate residents on candidates and voting and to work for our candidates.

    If you have some time to give to the NTRO cause, please call us at 847-251-6100 or stop in at headquarters to let us know when you are available and in what capacity.