• Chicago Dem Party Boss Berrios abuses power to aid State Rep. Laura Fine

    State Representative Laura Fine Family Illegally Claims Two Homeowner’s Exemptions While Berrios Targets Fine’s Republican Opponent

    GLENVIEW, IL (October 15, 2014) State Rep. Laura Fine and her husband Michael have been illegally claiming two Illinois homeowner’s exemptions. The Fines claimed one exemption on a single family residential rental property in Glenview and a second homeowners exemption on their family home, also in Glenview. According to public records obtained from Cook County property and taxing agencies, Michael Fine is listed as a taxpayer on their family home as well as their rental property in Glenview and claimed the homeowner’s exemption on both properties, which is illegal. Local Republican leaders will turn over their findings to the Cook County Inspector General and they are demanding a full investigation.

    The discovery of Fine’s improper claim of two homeowner’s exemptions comes just a week after a spokesperson for Cook County Assessor and Democratic Party Chairman Joe Berrios’ office was quoted in a north suburban publication that they intend to revoke the homeowner’s exemption claimed by Fine’s Republican opponent, Kathy Myalls, and her husband. Republican officials allege Berrios based this action on false information given to him by Fine’s campaign operatives and north suburban Democratic Party officials. “Berrios determined – without even speaking to Myalls or her husband – that they did not “reside” in Wilmette despite overwhelming facts to the contrary, not the least of which was their children’s continuous and exclusive enrollment in Wilmette schools since they were old enough to attend,” says Bill Cadigan, New Trier Township Republican Organization Committeeman. “We hope Berrios, who ruled without due-process in the Kathy Myalls homeowner’s exemption case, will act as swiftly now that the facts are known of this willful case of fraudulent behavior by the Fine family.”

    Cadigan said they will turn over materials related to Berrios’ blatant abuse of power to the Cook County Inspector General’s office including information about his rush to judgment in the Myalls case and the obvious favoritism given a political ally, Laura Fine. Berrios is currently embroiled in litigation with the Inspector General’s office as he continues to assert that he is not subject to the jurisdiction of that office when it comes to responding to subpoenas and cooperating with efforts to root out waste and corruption.

    According to real estate records, Rep. Fine’s husband, Michael, has an ownership interest with two partners in a single family residential rental property located at 4711 Lilac Avenue, Glenview, Illinois. Records show that none of the co-owners reside at the Lilac Avenue property and all claim a homeowner’s exemption elsewhere.

    Fine has filed three tax appeals on Lilac Avenue property in the last 10 years. The first two times the appeals resulted in a reduction in the assessed valuation. There are no documents in the public record that indicate he ever lived there, so it is unlikely he could have produced documentation of his residence at the Lilac Avenue address. Republicans officials want to know how Fine was able to get the homeowner’s exemption on the property.

    Before news of her own improper exemptions became public, Rep. Fine praised Berrios’ actions in the Myalls case saying “residents carried the tax burden with so many people being granted erroneous exemptions. If you want to make laws in Springfield as a legislator, you should abide by them.”

    “It is the height of hypocrisy that Rep. Fine would have her operatives plant false information with Berrios just as Kathy Myalls is gaining momentum in this close election, when Fine’s own family so blatantly and intentionally violated the property tax laws,” says Cadigan.

    “The race in the 17th District is tight and Laura Fine and the Democrats have to resort to these tactics because they know she cannot defend her record in Springfield of being a rubber stamp for Mike Madigan,” says Kathy Myalls. “Double standards, corruption and the abuse of power are the on-going results of one-party control. North suburban voters are fed up with this and want change. ”

  • Rauner, Roskam Highlight 2014 Dinneree

    tickets-iconJoin Committeeman Bill Cadigan and the New Trier Republican Organization (NTRO) as NTRO hosts its 76th Annual Fall Dinner Oct. 12, 2014 at Allgauer’s on the Riverfront in Northbrook.

    NTRO’s own Bruce Rauner, the GOP nominee for Governor, will be the featured speaker, and he will be joined by Congressman Peter Roskam. Rep. Roskam, who represents the Eighth Congressional District, is an influential and responsible voice in Washington.

    We also expect 10th District Congressional Candidate Bob Dold to join us as well as other statewide and local candidates and officeholders. This is our largest fundraising event of the year, and your support is critical to the local get out the vote efforts NTRO performs.

    Tickets are $125 for dues-paying NTRO members and $150 for non-members. Tables of 10 are $1,250.

    Register for the event here.

    We hope to see you at the Fall Dinner as we close in on what will be a truly monumental November in Illinois as we send Bruce Rauner to Springfield!

  • Wine and Cheese (and Ice Cream!)

    Purchase your tickets here!Join NTRO as we welcome State Sen. Jim Oberweis, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, to our annual Wine and Cheese Party. This year, Sen. Oberweis is challenging longtime Democrat Senatorial demagogue Dick Durbin.

    Purchase your tickets here and join us from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, June 22 at Winnetka’s Indian Hill Park.

    Sen. Oberweis will also bring ice cream from his Oberweis Dairy to share with us. Sen. Oberweis knows how critical an election year 2014 is in the annals of Illinois’ 196-year history. NTRO led the push to make Bruce Rauner our nominee, and well-known NTRO members are major linchpins in the effort to get the Illinois Fair Map and the Term Limits amendments on the ballot in November.
    But we also know that as badly as Pat Quinn needs a new line of work, change will be difficult so long as Mike Madigan is in charge of Springfield. State Reps. Laura Fine and Scott Drury cast their first vote in the General Assembly last year — to reinstall Madigan as House Speaker. There is a better way, and Kathleen Myalls and Dr. Mark Neerhof will be at our event explaining why we need to give them our full support this Fall.

    This event is a favorite among North Shore Republicans as a number of prominent Republican candidates, officeholders, activists, and party leaders attend. At $15 for dues-paying NTRO members and $25 for non-members you not only can afford it; you cannot afford to miss it! Purchase your tickets here.

    Please note the new location this year. After many years at beautiful Clarkson Park in Northfield, we have decided to move our event into the heart of New Trier Township at INDIAN HILL PARK, across Winnetka Ave. from our NTRO headquarters.

    * Note: If you pay at the door, tickets will be $20 for NTRO members and $30 for non-members.

  • GOP Primary By Numbers

    Republican nominee for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner answers questions from the media just after casting his vote in Hubbard Woods on March 18. NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan looks on.

    Republican nominee for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner answers questions from the media just after casting his vote in Hubbard Woods on March 18. NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan looks on.

    Back in January, the New Trier Republican Organization heartily endorsed our own Bruce Rauner for Governor. Last week’s primary results clearly demonstrated that we delivered on our pledge to support him in overwhelming numbers. Here are some numbers that help tell the story of a clean but hard fought victory for Bruce Rauner in New Trier Township:

    • 77% The percentage of Republican votes Bruce Rauner received in New Trier Township. This was Bruce’s highest vote percentage of anywhere in the entire state.
    • 4,640 The raw total of votes Bruce Rauner received in New Trier Township. This vote total exceeded that of every suburban Cook County township, except for our GOP friends in Wheeling Township, where the number of registered voters is well over twice that of New Trier.
    • 6,100 The number of sample ballots mailed to Republican voters in New Trier Township, headlining our endorsement of Bruce Rauner for Governor.
    • 6 The number of Metra train stations (Glencoe, Hubbard Woods, Winnetka, Indian Hill, Kenilworth, Wilmette) NTRO volunteers worked campaigning on behalf of Rauner.
    • 100% The number of precincts where NTRO recruited and placed at least 2 trained and vetted Republican election judges.
    • 0 The number of complaints of irregularities or voting equipment malfunctions at New Trier’s 27 polling places.
    • Too Numerous to Ignore The number of anecdotal accounts we received from election judges where fed-up Democrats and independents in New Trier Township took Republican ballots to vote for Bruce in the primary.

    The other part of the story is the outreach and financial support that New Trier Republicans provided to Bruce and his running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti. A year ago when Bruce was not well known to Republican activists outside our area, we invited him to be the featured speaker at our annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner. That event was packed and the warm welcome and early expressions of support he received were well publicized in the mainstream and social media. During the year since then, Bruce and Evelyn have been featured at every NTRO event.

    Many of the business and civic leaders who live in our community that provide the energy, ideas and resources that sustain the GOP party structure and candidates throughout the State of Illinois and the rest of the nation were early financial supporters of Bruce’s campaign. That support allowed Bruce to launch an effective and sustained television ad campaign as he traversed the state meeting and gaining the support of GOP voters and activists from across the philosophical spectrum.

    Last Tuesday provided a great victory for Bruce, our party and our state. You can be proud of your efforts to support NTRO and the work we did on Bruce’s behalf in our community. I am confident that with your support we can do the same thing in November.

    Warm regards,








  • Kirk’s First Year Back

    Sen. Mark Kirk’s first year back in the Senate after his stroke was inspiring. This video played as NTRO introduced Sen. Kirk at our Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner March 1, 2014.