Danielle Mergner was appointed Committeeman of New Trier Township on January 31, 2017, replacing Marc Levine who stepped down to devote more time to the Illinois State Board of Investments. As part of her role as Committeeman, Danielle has undertaken the Chairmanship of the New Trier Republican Organization.

“The vibrant, intelligent and energetic people in the township are a wonderful resource from which to build a strong organization,” Mergner said. “New Trier Township provides us with a great opportunity to make a difference in the State of Illinois.”

A former Project Specialist for the Corey Steel Company where she was engaged in business process analysis, employee training, contract review, negotiation and drafting, and a myriad of other projects, Danielle has since transitioned to invest time into areas about which she is passionate. She currently champions for the best interests of neglected and abused children within the juvenile court system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Lake County, and in 2016, Danielle chaired a local lecture series that featured speakers such as Northwestern University’s Kris Hammond, co-founder of artificial intelligence company Narrative Science, and Pulitzer prizewinning author Mei Fong. Danielle also participates on the advisory board for Arzu Studio Hope, an innovative model of social entrepreneurship which enables families to lift themselves out of poverty.

Danielle has worked avidly in many capacities on local, congressional and presidential races since 2010. A member of the Policy Circle, a nationwide network of women engaged in educating themselves on policies which impact their communities, states and the nation, Danielle is determined to become a positive influence in the current discourse of issues facing us today.

Danielle earned her B.S. in Biochemistry at Indiana University, completed her J.D. at DePaul University, and is a member of the Illinois Bar and Patent Bar. Danielle is eager to bring all her experiences to her role as Committeeman for New Trier Township and Chair of the New Trier Republican Organization.


Previous NTRO Committeemen

1938-1950: Henry A. Gardner
1950-1958: James L. Garrard
1958-1970: James W. Good, Jr.
1970-2000: Dave Brown
2000-2011: Tolbert Chisum
2011-2015: William J. Cadigan
2015-2017: Marc Levine
2017- : Danielle Mergner