NTRO Chairman Marc Levine

NTRO Chairman Marc Levine

Welcome to the New Trier Republican Organization (NTRO) website. I encourage you to check the site often for regular updates on NTRO activities and events held to support Republican candidates and causes in our community.

As the Republican organization for New Trier Township , Our calendar of activities is most busy during the election season. But we are proud that NTRO is one of the few local Republican organizations in the state to have a headquarters facility open year-round. NTRO is a gathering point for uniting and rallying Republican voters, activists and volunteers from throughout the northern suburbs. Our outreach programs target Republican, independent and undecided voters (maybe even some sensible Democrats too!) to support our ticket.

Our efforts also include facilitating early and absentee voting and we recruit and train election judges to ensure that our elections are conducted fairly and truly express the will of the voters.

NTRO also has a wonderful tradition of gathering in the spirit of friendship and fellowship. We meet regularly as a group and hold smaller events to appeal to every demographic group from young people to families with children and seniors.

We have a long and proud tradition of supporting and offering up outstanding candidates for office, including distinguished native sons such as U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Congressman Robert Dold, former U.S. Senator Charles Percy and former Congressman and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Our members include many of the business and civic leaders that provide the energy, ideas and resources that sustain the GOP party structure and candidates throughout the State of Illinois and the rest of the nation. Our track record of success demonstrates we know how to win close elections.

Your support will allow NTRO to aggressively go out into our community with a message of smaller government, lower taxes and less borrowing. NTRO is a completely self-sustaining organization and does not receive any funding from the state or national party. Please help us in this cause by going to the contribution page and making an expression of support and by volunteering some of your time to help staff the NTRO office.


Marc Levine, Chairman

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