Dold holds money edge over Schneider

Congressman Robert Dold (10th District) holds an almost 4-to-1 advantage in cash on hand over his Democratic challenger Brad Schneider, according to the second quarter finance disclosure reports recently released.

Dold outraised Schneider by about $200,000 in the second quarter, collecting 82 percent of his donations from Illinois residents. Of Schneider’s haul in the second quarter, 80 percent came from Illinois residents, but he also took in large donations from the SEIU ($10,000), the UAW ($5,000) and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ($2,000).

Dold is being strongly targeted by Democrats still smarting from voters’ strong rebuke of Democratic policies in the 2010 election. With Illinois’ redistricting being controlled by the likes of Michael Madigan, Republican-leaning precincts, including many in New Trier Township were extracted from Dold’s district, exiled to the 9th District, currently represented by Jan Schakowsky.